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Welding and Fabrication

Our team here at Car Crash Solutions have a long history in vehicle restoration work, we are very experienced when it comes to metal repairs, welding and fabrication.

So if you’re looking to have anything from an MOT failure, rust repair, up to a complete one off bespoke panel we can help you.

Feel free to send over some photos or come in and we will take a look. We are sure you will be amazed at the rusty shells we have turned into show winning cars.

The most popular areas we cover are rust repairs which require one off hand fabrication, this mostly happens in cases where either the panel is not available or the panel requires only part replacement and a part repair panel is not made.

We have formed our own sill panels for many vehicles as well as modifying and adjusting factory panels to look like replica one off race cars.

We always try to make our repairs as close to the factory forming as possible, and don’t believe in just ‘patching up’ rust. After years of rectification work on poor rust and MOT repairs we know this is a waste of time.

Why not take look at our case studies page to see the extent we go to with some projects.

Our restoration work is primarily designed to last as well as look good as new. Its thoroughly tried and tested.

Read more about the welding techniques we use most often over on the right.

Follow our current build progress


For most vehicles, especially the older cars we always use MIG welding. We have a range of MIG welders and use the best one to suit the job.

MIG welding is a weld process which uses an electric arc, this will form a join between a consumable wire and the target metal area, this will cause them to melt, and join. As well as the wire electrode, shield gas feeds into the gun, this shields the process from contamination and the air.

We make sure we have all the correct masks and shields, we also have blasting tanks and the correct chemicals to clean surface up in order to make the very best job we can.

In some cases we use spot welding, this helps to make the repairs look neater and also to replicate factory techniques. We pride ourselves on being able to make most sill panels look as if they were machine welded and therefore not making the car look restored.

Spot welding is a process we use which will cause an electric resistance, this resistance, caused by a high electric current and two probes will melt two pieces of metal together at a very specific point. It’s also much cooler than MIG welding and tends not to cause distortion which the more aggressive MIG type can do.

The metal surfaces are thinner than with MIG, they tend to be up to around 3mm think. The two sheets will be squeezed together by electrodes which will deliver the chosen current.

The process is also very quick, each ‘spot’ only take a second or so. Our spot welder is water cooled for heavy use. We also have a spot welder which is designed solely for pins, these pins are used for leverage, usually in dent repair and sometimes fabrication.

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