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Dent, Scratch and Trim Repair

We recommend that you send us images via the quoting system on the right or call and then come in to see us, either way we will advise you as to the most cost effective service for your repair as well as making sure its going to be long lasting and durable.

We can carry out repairs to all minor dents, scrapes and scratches. We also specialise in interior and exterior trim repair and can replicate the factory look finishes to plastic trim. In some cases this saves you hundreds of pounds.

Painting the exterior of your car is just one of the repairs we can carry out; we have huge experience in repairing all types of scratches and dents, we may be able to professionally sand and polish some minor scratches. In the past this has saved some customers thousands of pounds.

We have a wealth of equipment and knowledge allowing us to repair damage including interiors and dashboards. We can work with many materials such as vinyl, metal, chrome, plastics, fibreglass, and can advise you using our experience.

Your damage may also be suitable for Paintless Dent Removal and the huge savings this will give you.

Discover the variety of skills we have in house...

We use a number of different techniques to carry out these repairs. We have a state of the art paint system which allows us to mix the most up to date colours and get the best colour matching. It’s also waterborne which means its more friendly to the environment. We can mix almost any colour you can imagine in house and have vast databases of all manufacturer colours, specific to the chassis plate in each and every car. This means no hold ups on your repairs.



We are based in a town centre location allowing good access to the train station and bus routes. We are always happy to loan cars and to drop off at train and bus stations, we want your cars’ time with us to be as painless and fast as possible. It’s also very important to us that the repairs are to a high standard.

We are a team of 15 allowing us the skills and manpower to get your job done, to a good standard in an agreed time frame. We are also not to large so that you don’t get that personal touch, all of our customers are important and are much more than a name on our screens.

Estimates can be carried out via email through this website or by phoning and then calling in. Our estimating system will allow us to book and plan your repair quickly, meaning that you have minimum disruption to your usual life. We can also in some cases deliver your car back to your work and make home delivery and drop off’s. Our customers are very important to us and we will do anything we can to help.

All of the required paints and consumables are kept on site, this too allows us to spend our time making your car look the very best it can. It also means that the collection and delivery times we offer can be kept.

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