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Leather and Trim Repair

We have spent many years developing our leather and seat refurbishment techniques.

You would be surprised, leather repair and refurbishment can be done for a fraction of the price of a new seat and, in most cases,  It will bring any leather work up to an as-new standard, even seriously damaged or torn seats.

We can use these techniques to dye your slightly tired seats in new luxury cars, to restore classic seats to look new. We also use them to resurrect classic seats whilst being sure not to let them use their ‘patina’ or look out of place.

We use only top quality products so that the repairs will last.

These services are also ideal for simply sprucing up tired leather seats and have also been very popular for ‘spot’ repairs, things like stains and smaller rips.

Why not get a diagnosis and quote from us, its free. This is a great, cost effective service that has always got a great reaction from anyone who sees the results.

Upholstery and Trim work

We can carry out repairs to ripped and damaged seats too. Its often far cheaper to do this than to try and find a new seat in matching design. Often in Classic and Prestige cars it is near impossible.

We also replace entire interiors, we can remove your old cloth interior and replace it with leather. Finished in a colour and design to suit you.

We have upholstered cars in many other fabrics, from original looking repairs and replacements to customised and personalised finishes.

How does leather refurbishment work?

Named after ‘The Connolly’ leather company, connollising is a technique used to re colour leather. The method involves stripping back the leathers coloured finish, then smoothing off the hide and finally re colouring the leather to give it an ‘as new’ look and feel. The technique can also be used to change the sheen on the finish as well as changing the colour. The best dyes are water based which then have a separate sealer which is applied after the colour coat. This will protect and seal the new dye and if looked after should last as long as the original dye that was washed in when the leather was produced. It is also very popular for us to use a technique which involves changing just one panel in a seat. Often the drivers bolster for example is worn and damaged but the rest of the seat is in quite good condition. This then involves removing the seat cover, replacing only the damaged areas and then re dyeing that one panel, or at least just one area of the seat. We try to keep most colours in stock, the systems work using a tinting agent which helps us set the colour tone to suit the level of wear and light bleaching in each car. Some of the cars on which we have carried out this type of work tend to be anything from rips and tears in family estate cars to seats in prestige Ferraris, Porsches and Audis. It’s a great service for classic cars and this is where it seems to be most popular, a seat that could cost £1500 to replace may cost as little as £300 to re dye. Whilst any covers are removed we can also use the opportunity to replace foam and fit heated seat pads. This is a very popular add on. It involves putting a pad in the back and base of the seat, we simply then fit two switches in the dash or centre console and that’s all you see.

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