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Accident Repair

We have a number of ways of carrying out repairs on your damaged car. We will always advise you the best way to get the best quality repair at the best price.

All repairs are carried out to the same high standard and all receive the same level of service. Just use one of the buttons on the right hand to send us some photos, drop us a call or get an online quote. We will do the rest.

Paintwork is guaranteed for 3 years

Ask for a quote first, you might find with us that a repair is cheaper than the cost of your insurance excess.

Your damage may be suitable for Paintless Dent Removal and the huge savings this will give you.

We use state of the art waterborne paints, mixed at our in house system. This gives us up to date information on manufactures colours and shades for the best finish.

Had an accident and looking to claim on an insurance policy? Know your rights!

  • You choose where your repairs are carried out.
  • You only need one quote.
  • You do not have to use the insurance companies appointed repairer if you do not wish to.
  • We give you a free loan car for the duration of the repairs.
  • We can deal with all aspects of the repairs.

The Association of British Car Repairers, Office of Fair Trading, Association of British Insurers and The Financial Services Authority all agree that:

‘It’s your car and your choice where you have it repaired’

Learn more about our team and facilities...

We have two low bake paint ovens, both of these allow us to keep a brisk workflow and allow your car to be painted quickly whilst being given time for the paint to be baked and to cure.

We have 15 employees in the company who have all been trained in their speciality areas. Some of these individuals were picked for their qualifications, some came to the company with bright prospects and have been trained in house and some of more advanced techniques have been learned by employees going on residential training. It’s very important to us to make sure our team can carry out the very best work.

All of our booking system runs through our bespoke network built for booking and planning. This allows us to give you a precise drop off and collection time for your car. It means that the repairs do not disrupt your life any more than is necessary. In many cases we are also able to drop off and collect cars from your home or place of work.

You can receive quotes from us in a number of ways, please specify if one or another suits you.

We can carry out a hand written quote on a template quote sheet and give you a copy. This is very fast and suitable for quotes where you call in and want to leave with the estimate. This can take as little as 10-15 minutes but is suited to smaller type repairs. We can supply a digital PDF type quote which can be used for insurance companies and also instantly transferred to our booking diary, this is usually something you receive within a day. Some larger accidents can take a day or two to have parts prices and diagrams checked.

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